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PRIME Wire & Cable

Industry Leader in Extension Cords, Timers, Lighting, Surge Protectors & Power Strips



Recognized for product innovation and dynamic packaging, PRIME has grown from humble beginnings into an industry leader. PRIME has developed a knack for introducing the "next big thing" to the marketplace. Our consumer-friendly packaging and merchandising programs make it easy for retailers to display our products and for consumers to find exactly what they need.



PRIME takes great pride in every product that bears our brand. Therefore, each product must be right. Prime designs quality into the product at every stage, with over 70 different tests and inspection points that our products must pass at every step of manufacturing and distribution. Prime produces our wire & cable products in our two ISO & RoHS compliant factories. This assures our customers that each product will perform as expected, whether on the job site or in the home.



Both our products and our people not only meet, but exceed expectations. Our commitment to customer service is exemplary. All of our products - from our indoor, appliance, outdoor and specialty cords to our power strips, adapters, and surge protectors, and all our other electrical accessories are made to last for years. Our dedication to the industry is unmatched in today's marketplace. We've been at it since 1986 and love what we do!

Our Vision

We provide solutions, whether it be the best electrical products to get power from point A to point B or to protect your sensitive electronic equipment, you can count on Prime. To continually provide high quality electrical products and support for both today's and tomorrow's electrical and electronic tools and devices. As your needs for power change, count on Prime to be on the cutting edge of what works!