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Flexzilla, Premium Hoses, Tools and Equipment

Flexzilla® Pro Extension Cords are designed for the rigors of the job. That's why professionals look for Flexzilla products by name. Flexzilla Pro Extension Cords are both super-flexible and abrasion resistant. They are water resistant and flame retardant as well, but even more, they are built with some smart features including an extreme temperature rating that keeps these cords flexible and performing in temperatures down to -58°F and up to +140°F. In addition, every Flexzilla Pro Extension Cord has a bright green power indicator light that's visible even in direct sunlight to let you know there is power running through the cord. Flexzilla Pro Extension Cords also have a unique glow-in-the-dark stripe that is visible in the dark for added safety.  All Flexzilla products feature the same high-quality engineering, performance and reliability that pros demand.