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Ten Quality Reasons to Buy Prime

Ten Quality Reasons to Buy Prime

Not all extension cords are created equal. If you pay attention to quality, you’ll notice how our products stand out. Whether you’re on the jobsite our working in your garage or yard a quality cord will make all the difference.

  1. Nickel-Coated Brass Blades
    Prime’s full-sized, full-contact nickel-coated 100% brass blades are designed to resist corrosion which prevents arcing, and won’t break off or pull out, making them the safest blades possible.
  1. Oversized Plugs & Connectors Won’t Deform or Shatter
    Made from a special virgin compound that will not harden, become brittle or shatter, Prime’s exclusively designed oversized plugs and connectors are made to withstand the rigors and abuse of even the most demanding jobsites.
  1. Oversized Strain Relief Prevents Plugs from Separating from the Wire
    Built to exceed UL’s most stringent safety test requirements, Prime’s large, flexible, ribbed strain relief was engineered to prevent the wire from pulling out of the plug, even in the most extreme conditions.
  1. Dual Safety Listings for Added Confidence
    In addition to meeting or exceeding all OSHA requirements, Prime’s cords are tested and listed by UL, CSA and/or ETL to meet the safety standards in both the United States and Canada. Prime has cords made for use in extreme environments as well as for standard indoor and outdoor applications.
  1. 100% Electrical Testing Ensures Safety
    Prime conducts over 50 separate safety tests on each cord including continuity, short-circuit, polarity and electrical breakdown (dielectric voltage) to ensure that each cord performs up to UL requirements and is also the safest cord on the market.
  1. Non-Stop Electrical Performance
    Made from precisely drawn and bunched 100% pure copper wire, Prime’s full-sized conductors resist electrical failure, even under the hardest use.
  1. Superior Flexibility and Abrasion Resistance
    Prime’s cord jacket compound is precisely formulated to provide maximum flexibility while maintaining superior resistance to abuse and abrasion.
  1. Water Resistant Cord for Safety & Long Life 
    Prime’s cords are water resistant and will help prevent moisture failure. Substandard manufacturers’ vinyl and TPE rubber cords will allow moisture to move through the outer and inner insulation. As moisture accumulates, it corrodes the copper wire, degrading performance and possibly causing a shock path.
  1. Flame Retardant Cord for Added Safety
    Standard vinyl and TPE rubber cords will quickly burn end-to-end. Prime’s cords are flame retardant and will extinguish the flame, providing added safety.
  1. Arc-Resistant Female Connectors
    As tools are plugged in and out of the female plug, a small arc can slowly eat away at the metal contacts in the plug. Prime suppresses this problem by using arc-resistant full-sized contacts and precise contact alignment. 
As an added bonus many of our cords are available with our patented, Primelight® power indicator light lets you see when the power is ON. Our Primelok® locking connector prevents unwanted cord disconnects.
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