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No tripping necessary. Improve Safety Standards & reduce accidents with Cord Management.

No tripping necessary. Improve Safety Standards & reduce accidents with Cord Management.

It is safe to say that the most frequently reported injures stem from trips, slips or falls, and ironically, many of these incidents are preventable, with the right cord management equipment. Have you ever used a long extension cord for a small particular job and noticed how annoyed you get when trying to coil it up? Sometimes having that excess extension cord footage can be very troublesome because it can be a burden in the intended workspace. Having too much slack on the cord can cause you to set the remaining coil off to the side which can potentially cause an accident. If left unintended someone can trip over the coil or get their foot caught on the extra slack. Cord management is the perfect solution to getting organized in any workspace to avoid potential accidents.

Have you ever coiled up an extension cord with ease, not having to struggle widening it up with your hands and using your elbow to hand ratio as the diameter. If not don’t worry, there is a quick easy solution to this and it is cord management. Or perhaps you’ve had the common issue of storing your extension cords in your work shed or garage. Sometimes organizing and storing of long extension cords can be such a hassle and can promote accidents when not coiled properly in the particular setting. Proper use of cord management is key in eliminating these issues by ensuring aisles, passageways, and jobsites are clear of misplaced cords or cables. Retractable cord reels are an ideal solution to the problem of keeping cords off the grounds and out of the way at the jobsite. Avoiding costly expenses related to slips, trips, falls, and cord related OSHA violations are not the only reasons for considering cord management equipment. There are many types of cord reels out in the market today and many have different features added to them to be more functional for consumers. For instance, a retractable cord reel can help you easily coil the cord, more than often this type of cord reels have their own extension cord built into the unit already. Typically, with this added feature along comes with additional outlets to the female end of the cords. Having this type of retractable cord reel in any setting can greatly increase the work productivity.  It is important to utilize all cord management equipment’s to best of their abilities in order to promote and establish a safe efficient work setting.

There are various amount of cord management items to choose from that can improve your workplace’s safety. Here’s a few important items to remember when using a cord reel: Always fully extend an extension cord from the reel before connecting and using any tool or appliance to the cord reel. Overheating may occur if the cord is not fully extended. Most cord reels are intended for use as a general indoor, dry locations power source. Do not use in potentially dangerous locations, or where flammable or explosive vapors may be present. Cord reels must always be used in accordance with all electrical safety codes and ordinances, including the most recent National Electric Code (NEC) and with the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) Volume 1 on General Industry Standards and Interpretations. Cord management is not always focused on the safety of a jobsite but also storage space around a household or workshop.  For instance, here at Prime Wire and Cable we have several products that can be of aid to any consumer, contractor, or business. Whether if it’s dealing with organizing all your home or work extension cords into a nicely coiled space or trying to improve your workplace’s safety. Here is a list of items you may want to consider:

Small efficient devices that can help you get organized without the large reel wheel. Check out these items CA1000, CA002000, & CACDL01 at below link:

Cord reel storage devices:

Retractable cord Reels devices:

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