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5 Benefits of Mechanical Timers in your Household

5 Benefits of Mechanical Timers in your Household

5 Benefits of Mechanical Timers in your Household

  1. Energy Efficient
    Many appliances draw power from your electrical panel even when the devices are turned off, such as TV’s, computers, microwaves, etc. Using a timer will allow you to set your indoor or outdoor lamps, decorations, appliances or other devices to turn on and off for specific time frames. For example, having a lamp on at night and having your timer plugged into it will allow you to set the timer for your desired on and off times or, in my case, to come on at dark and off at my typical bedtime. This timer now ensures that I don’t leave the light on all night and will allow me to have light when I walk into my home, especially during winter. Not having your lamp on when you don’t need it makes the device more energy efficient because the timer ensures that the device is completely shut off from drawing any power. 

  2. Money Saving
    When you have your lamps, decorations, appliances and devices connected to a timer to turn them off you are conserving energy. Energy conservation also saves you money on your energy bill. Not everyone is good at saving money but if you use a mechanical timer with the devices you use at the same time everyday these timers can help you save money. You can plug your cable box into a timer, TV, computer, etc.  I use my mechanical timer to turn on my coffee pot when I wake up in the morning and turn off within a two hour period so I don’t forget when I run out of the house to work. The more appliances that you have to a timer the less energy you will draw and the more money you will save.

  3. Line of theft prevention
    After you plan a long trip do you get paranoid that someone will realize you are gone and break in? One way to prevent someone from suspecting you are on an extended vacation is to buy a couple mechanical timers and have lamps plugged into them. Set one timer in the living room or a front room that is seen from the street to stay on from dusk until your typical bed time hour. Then use a second timer in a bedroom that faces the street and have it come on periodically so it looks like someone is moving from one room to another thus giving the appearance of someone being home. If it looks like someone is home your home is less likely to be a target of theft or a home invasion.

  4. Easy to use
    The most popular type of timer is the mechanical timer. The reason the mechanical timer is the most sought after timer is because it is the easiest to use. You typically just have to push timer pins in, up or down to your desired on time. Set the current time. Plug in the desired device or devices if there is more than one outlet.  Last but not least, plug the timer into the wall. The mechanical timers are set to go off and on at the same time every single day without fail.

  5. Turns things on and off alerting you of the time
    If you are like me then you can easily lose track of time and get engulfed in what you are doing. Timers are great indicators of what time it is because it is a timer that you set to specific on and off times. Take for example your child’s TV let’s say you give them an hour of screen time in the evening after dinner  but then you lose track of time by doing dishes and cleaning next thing you know it is 9 pm. If you had the children’s TV on a mechanical timer the TV would be able to be on for the hour they are allotted and then turn off letting them and you know it is time for their bedtime routine.

These are just a few of the top reasons why a mechanical timer may be right for you. When you want to set it and forget it, consider a Prime mechanical timer, easy to use, super reliable.

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