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3 Reasons to Use Light Socket Controls

3 Reasons to Use Light Socket Controls

A light control is a device that you insert into the socket of an indoor or outdoor light fixture to control your light. Once you add the device to your light fixture you would then insert a bulb into the light control to make the light operational. There are different types of light controls ranging from ones that fit candelabras, to outdoor porch lights and even household lamps. Some light controls have a set time to go off after it turns on at dusk or some even come with a remote to control your set on and off times but most basic light controls typically come on at dusk and off at dawn. No matter what light control you choose to use there are three reasons I recommend using them.

It is so nice to come home late at night and have the chandelier in my hallway on. I don’t have to struggle slapping around to find the light switch on the wall, with my husband and child on my heels outside the door waiting. It also substitutes as a nightlight shining down the hallway at night so I don’t bump into anything. Using a light control makes turning your lights on and turning them off automatic. Having a device that can come on and then turn off all by itself is very convenient. Gone are the times where you have to walk over and flip a switch or push a button.

Space Saving
I know what you are thinking, if I wanted something to turn my lights on and off, I would just buy a timer, but many outdoor lights, like the ones on your garage are hardwired. External wall timers are great, but they don’t work in all applications, especially where lights are hardwired. When comparing a light socket control versus a timer, the light socket controls are generally a smaller more compact design. Light socket controls take up less than a few inches of space inside the cavity of the light, so you don’t even notice them. The light control acts as a middle man from the fixture to the bulb saving you space, time, and money not to mention really easy to install vs. a timer you would have to set current time and timer settings, and fiddle with every time you have a power outage.

As a home owner safety is a top priority. You want to take precautions against thieves or making your home a safe place to navigate so no one will get injured. Having your house robbed or an injury occurring would result in having to file insurance claims and have your premiums go on the rise. Light controls are a simple way to make you feel safer around your home. For instance I put a light control in my porch light so that the porch lights come on at night and off in the morning. This helps not just me from taking a spill but my family members or friends when they visit to see my outdoor steps. I don’t have to remember when it gets dark or worry about coming home to a dark porch and not being able to insert my key in the lock. Burglars are also less likely to target your home when there are lights on in and around the outside of the house because it makes it easier for neighbors to see points of entry.

If you are looking for an inexpensive space saving device to keep your house safe and one that automatically operates, so you don’t have the hassle of remembering to turn something on or off think about getting a few light controls for your lighting fixtures.
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