Prime Wire & Cable provides indoor & outdoor cords, surge protectors & power strips , Marine & RV, lighting and related electrical accessories. Prime Wire & Cable electrical products are available in both retail and industrial markets.

Extension Cords

Prime's brand of premium high quality extension cords.

Outdoor Cords

Outdoor lawn and garden, contractor, and cold weather extension cords.

Household Cords

Household-use indoor extension cords.

indcat lawngardennew

Extension cords for outdoor lawn and garden applications.

Coldweather Cords

All-weather extension cords for the most extreme weather conditions.

Bulldog Tough Cords

Our most durable high quality contractor cords for the toughest applications.

Locking Cords

Locking extension cords provide secure cord-locking to external devices.

Generator Cords

Cords and adapters for use with power generators.

Marine/RV Cords

Cords and accessories for use in RV and Marine applications.

Appliance & Power Supply

Cords for use with appliances and other applications that require power.

indcat surgenew

Provides surge protection for your equipment.

indcat pwrstrpsnew

Converts standard receptacle into multiple outlets.

IndCat Night Lights200

Night Lights at a great selection of different usage


Prevents shock in potential hazardous locations.


Includes adapters for various connection applications.

Wiring Devices

Wiring devices for industrial applications, adapters, and cords.

indcat timersnew

Timers and Remote Controls for controlled lighting applications.

Cord Management

Cord management and storage for extension cords.

indcat lightingnew

Residential and industrial work-lights.

Bulk Wire

Complete line of bulk wire for most applications.

The following applies to all electrical products manufactured by PRIME:  


WARNING:  This product contains chemicals including Lead known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm.  [Wash hands after handling.] Contact Us at 888-445-9955
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