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Point of Purchase Signage and Merchandising

Modular Color-Coded Merchandising Shelf-Talkers

Colorful and durable styrene signage can be inserted in any combination into handsome black styrene channels and mounted onto wire fencing in store displays. Great for all kinds of indoor or outdoor extension cord displays.

Cohesive Merchandising

Shelf-talkers connect with our trilingual packaging so consumers make informed choices.


Point of Purchase Header Signage

Prime’s retail “Point-of-Purchase” merchandising signage for Outdoor Extension cords is both colorful and informative, helping the customer make informed purchase decisions. Headers are available for a wide variety of product assortments to meet the needs of most retailers and distributors. Color-coding is used on packaging and signage to help customers understand differences between various wire gauges and styles. Custom signage is available - ask your Prime® sales representative for details.



Prime Bin-Boxes and Stack Packs

Prime’s bin-box displays for our household line of Indoor Extension Cords provide a colorful and exciting way to merchandise that’s guaranteed to catch your customer’s attention. The bin-boxes can be used as “outpost” displays, on end-caps, or incorporated into merchandise assortments. Just remove the lid, put the box on the shelf and you’re ready to sell. That’s all there is to it! Any way you look at it, Prime’s bin-box displays set new standards in packaging and merchandising that will ring up more sales for you.


Prime® “Stack-Pack” Pallet Packs come as a complete stocking unit. The heavy duty cartons are made of high strength double-wall corrugated and are easily accessible from all sides. Prime® “Stack-Packs” make stocking the product easy ... just roll it in, unwrap it and you’re ready to sell! Call for a quote!

Stack-Pack Pieces Per Pallet    
  25 FT 50 FT 100 FT
16/3 672 360 192
14/3 528 336 144
12/3 432 192 96







Bulk Wire Display Rack

Prime’s innovative bulk wire rack is completely modular in design and can be configured to suit the needs of your particular wire and cable assortment. The use of rotating turntables on the lower rack makes dispensing heavy gauge wire easy, convenient and trouble-free. The modular display can be quickly assembled without the use of tools and is ready for use within minutes after taking it out of the carton. The rack may be purchased separately or can be included at no charge with a qualifying stocking order under certain conditions. See your Prime® sales representative for complete details.

71" Tall
48" Wide
18" Deep
Point of Purchase Display Rack

This functional free-standing display rack is made of sturdy steel rod construction and comes fully assembled. The rack will display a complete cross section of cords and accessories. The display rack may be purchased or can be included with a suitable size stocking order. When ordering please specify Prime Display Rack AM99RACK.

66" Tall
37 " Wide
12 " Deep
48" Tall (below sign)
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